Poem: Radiant Pregnant Spring in the Park

Radiant Pregnant Spring in the Park

is bland with you

you make pizza taste like Eucharist wafers, the sun a mouthful of yellow dog-bile

children are ugly and shrill, with fat sticky little legs that rip at mommy’s throat

a kiss is an unsuccessful root-canal

drudging through a day with you

I turn pale, and it’s hard to believe anyone’s ever danced ballet

or made loud love, and moreover sir because through your yellow teeth

Kafka becomes a putz, St. Augustine a brainless sap

your techno-80s music takes a cheese grater to the smoke-white undersides of my breasts

your mundane Southern accent force-feeds me in a kind of reverse-vomit

                                                                                                                        I want

to Magic Erase™ your Mitch McConnell chicken-lips, expedite-ship you a new pair

paid in full, partly to help you, partly to help the chickens

but a handshake’s as good as a hug

I’d like to pull all the threads of your hideous clothes, crochet a noose with the leftovers

so I wouldn’t have to see your naked flesh, because you remind me

so much of myself and I don’t want anybody to know that

By Ella

I am an undergraduate junior studying creative writing. I am interested in short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and professional writing.

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