Roses and Scarlet Begonias: A Song

May 2018.

Roses and Scarlet Begonias

So, man, here I am

Left cold and lonely and blue

You took the fast track to texas, baby

So I painted a picture of you.

Your roses and scarlet begonias, honey

Look an awful lot like blood,

But thank god it’s raining today, look

they’re drowning in the mud.

Driving down the highway, babe

I pass a man; he looks like you.

So I stop, pull over, call to him, well,

What else would you expect me to do?

Because I see him, he’s a man, I know,

A man that would understand.

I look into his coffee-stained eyes and say,

Wanna come see me and the band?

With his caramel skin, he jumped right in,

And we laughed, and beautifully sinned.